Hey guys! I'm Silverlynxcat, (Or Kays) :3

I'm studying Computer Arts and Design at college. I'm particularly interested in illustration, graphic design, and Film and Editing.
I predominantly write porn fanfiction, and I am an avid Rush/Rathunt shipper & writer. When I have the time ;3;

I'm always happy to talk, so please don't hesitate to ask any sort of question or even just send a note to say hi! (。⌒∇⌒)。





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Spread the joy! =) Remember, you deserve to be happy!

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real Hunt and Lauda

I remember someone asking what the song on this video was while on a group chat/livestream thing, and I completely forgot who it was, but if you’re still looking, the music is; “Mountains of Valais" by Roberto Cacciapaglia

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I’ve just spent an hour folding underwear. I didn’t know I had enough underwear to achieve this.

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Anonymously message me (1) thing you want to know about me.

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Two in a Bed

It’s while lying in the darkness of James Hunt’s living room at four in the morning that Niki finds himself thinking. The only sound to be heard in the silence is the quiet snuffling from the single bedroom, but it does little to disrupt Niki’s thoughts as he mulls over his present situation.

Being holed up in James’ little London flat with nowhere to go wasn’t where he’d hoped to find himself some months ago, yet it was the only logical conclusion to his recent spate of misfortune; severe debt, lack of sponsorship, poor track performance, financial excommunication from his family, and nothing to return to in Austria. Had he not swallowed his pride and sought out James with all his worldly possessions stuffed into a duffel bag at his feet, he very well could have ended up on the street, and wouldn’t that have been the highlight of Niki’s fruitless efforts to break into Formula1?

A car turns and trundles noisily down the street outside and it’s enough to distract Niki as he follows the glare of the headlights across the ceiling. He tilts his head towards the window as the din grows faint, and he rubs his eyes with an irritable sigh when the silence becomes deafening.

Suddenly James grunts at an obnoxious volume in his sleep and Niki can help but snort in amusement at the anomaly that is his rival come friend; who for all intents and purposes could have turned Niki away and eliminated him as competition on the track, perhaps for good. Instead he’d hauled the downbeat Austrian into his flat without a second thought and immediately carved a little nook for Niki into his everyday life, without once asking for anything in return.

Finally feeling the time catch up with him, the Austrian rolls over with some muttered complaints as his joints click in protest. One thing he couldn’t appreciate was that James owned the most uncomfortably goddamn couch in existence.


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Guys or girls for sexy funtimes?


I do find women’s bodies aesthetically pleasing, but only in an artistic sense. Definitely sexy funtimes with guys! (NOT THAT I’M GETTING ANY)

Bang My Head

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the Rush soundtrack is so good it actually gives me chills

It’s one of my all-time favourite tracks, 1976, Lost but Won, My Best Enemy, Into the Red, & Stopwatch never fail to give me goosebumps and emotions. I love to listen to it when writing fanfics about the two asshats ;D

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Hey guys!

It looks like my small break from Tumblr got away from me a little, and I’ve decided it’s about time to make a tentative return. So hello those who remember me, and hello to those who are wondering who I am and what the hell I’m doing on their dash ;D

Bear Waves I have no idea who you are

In all honesty I had hoped to return with stuff to share, (Video edits, fanfics, art, etc) and, err…well it hasn’t gone too well, haha. I have a Rush video in the editing process, and I’ve started up fanfics again in the last 3 days. But admittedly between working almost full time, moving into uni accomodation tomorrow, and studiously ignoring the uni project I was assigned 2 months ago, I’ve done little more than work, sleep, and procrastinate like a champion. So my ‘tentativeness’ comes from the fact I do have a project to finish start and don’t want to get sucked in too early!

So have I missed much? New crazes, fandom friends, gifs, art, fics? How has everyone been? :D

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it’s already 4th of july over here

do you know what that means




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